Construction & Foundations



Built to the same specification as a modern day house, our garden rooms come fully insulated and double glazed, giving you that perfect additional space to your home. Although our garden rooms are normally exempt from building regulations providing they are under 30 sqm, we aim to exceed them and give you a product that will test the length of time!

For instance, we are probably one of the only garden room manufacturing companies, that install as standard a wall construction thickness of 9 inches thick including Kingspan insulation. It’s not a necessity, but it improves the energy sufficiency and provides a cosy internal space especially on those cold winter days!

Wall Construction

The walls are constructed with 150x50mm CLS timber framed panels  and lined in OSB boarding to give added structural strength. The timber walls are then wrapped in a waterproof breathable membrane, which acts like a one way valve and allows natural moisture to escape out the building. Double air vented cavities are situated in the timber walls, allowing the building to breathe, increasing energy suffciency and preventing condensation.  No one likes feeling cold!

Ten layers of wall construction featuring the cladding, timber frame panels, 100mm Kingspan insulation, breathable membrane,  and plasterboarding on the inside, brings the wall to a massive 8-9 inches in overall thickness.  This amount of wall construction and insulation makes our garden rooms one of the most energy sufficient and structurally sound on the market.  Built to a higher specification than a modern day home and with the amount of quality materials used, why use anyone else!

Roof Construction

The roof is constructed in the same timber frame method as stated in the wall construction. All featuring the 150mmx50mm CLS timber frame panels, waterproof breathable membrane, and the 100mm Kingspan insulation.

For drainage the roof has a 2-3 degree fall from front to back, and a black guttering and downpipe fitted to the rear of the building.

The external finish of the roof will be fibre glass, due to its extreme lightness, energy sufficiency, and 20-30 years expected lifetime!

Floor Construction

The floor is done in the same way as the roof and walls, including the 150mmx50mm  CLS timber frame panels, 100mm Kingspan insulation, and the waterproof breathable membrane.

The internal timber floor carcase is completely covered using industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and grooved timber floor boarding. This timber flooring creates a solid foundation for any additional internal flooring covering.  As standard in all our garden rooms / extensions, we install solid oak laminate flooring for its high quality & excellent finish and also softwood skirting to make it feel just like home!

We do offer a variety of internal floor finishes, so please feel free to ask and we can definitely go through them with you!


All our garden rooms are sited on a 10-12 inch re-enforced concrete base. The concrete base will include a waterproof membrane, hardcore, and solid concrete. We have to make sure the base is re-enforced and perfectly level, so the timber frame panels, will fit just right